Announcing the 1.11 release !


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Today we released the new version of the Visage platform ! It has been quite an intensive week for our engineering team to bring the best possible experience for our clients and our amazing recruiters community.

Here is the list of main features that have been shipped with this new version:


  • Employers
    • Social profiles : We integrate with FullContact. Which means for every candidates we pick for you, you will be provided with all their social medias public infos such as the LinkedIn account or Twitter account if available. Also, if made public you will see the profile picture of the candidates
    • Enhanced job posting experience : To help our customers understand their needs for their job openings, we worked a lot on the job posting feature. Instead of a long boring form we now ask you only the essential key points that will help our recruiters to find the most suitable candidates for you. We leverage on Typeform to give you the best possible User experience. We also removed a lot of steps from the process to make it quicker for you.

  • Recruiters
    • The Social media profiles integration works for you too ! For every candidates you submit you are able to check their social medias to refine your analysis and enhance your success rate.
    • You can now review every candidates you have submitted approved or disqualified with the corresponding reason
    • We finalized the Payoneer set-up for your payments so if you haven’t receive the Payoneer invitation from us, contact us via the live chat feature !
    • The submission page has been optimized so it should be quicker to sift through candidates


  • General
    • Bug fixes
    • Optimization

Lot of exciting news and more to come in the next release that will introduce the following features :

  • Candidates feedback on job descriptions
  • Candidates commitment
  • Automated Recruiter payments
  • Automated detailed Recruiters reports
  • etc.

Let us know what you think about it and what feature you would like to see in the app !

Cheers, the Visage dev team

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