Beginners Guide to Sourcing for Visage


This beginner’s guide to sourcing for Visage will show you the ins and outs of how to become a freelance sourcer and how to get paid for using your recruiting skills.

How Does Visage Work?

The Visage process is simple by design. After completing your initial user profile, you will have access to a variety of jobs. You can search through the available jobs and select the one that best suits your recruiting skill and network of talent. Then, you can start uploading qualified candidate profiles and start earning money.

How Will You Be Paid as a Sourcer?

The good news is that you receive payment whether your candidate is selected for the job or not. That’s right! Visage will pay you for every prospective candidate that is validated and approved by the Visage experts.

As soon as you submit a candidate, your unique Visage Sourcer ID number is attached to the candidate and listed on your personal dashboard. Once the candidate review process is complete, you will see a thumbs up, meaning your candidate is approved, or a thumbs down, signifying that the candidate has been disqualified. You will also see the reason why.

Each sourcer is paid weekly through the online payment platform Payoneer for every candidate who has completed the review process and been approved.

Who Can Source for Visage?

Visage allows both experienced and novice recruiters. The only qualification is that you must be able to submit complete profiles for top talent candidates, whose skills match the employer’s criteria. It is important, however, to realize that Visage is not a job board prototype, nor does it offer online recruitment tools.

As a freelance recruiter, you are responsible for obtaining and developing your own recruitment tools and strategies. If you are an experienced recruiter or you have an extensive network of qualified candidates, then you will be an ideal sourcer for Visage.

How Many Referrals Can a Recruiter Make?

There is really no limit to how many candidates a recruiter can submit when working with Visage. You are, however, limited to uploading 100 candidate profiles at a time. Once you reach your 100 profile limit, you must wait until these candidates have passed through the review process before you can upload more candidates.

Are you ready to put your recruiting skills to work and earn money by working at home?

Then contact Visage today and start connecting top talent with the employers that need them.


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