The Top 3 Ops Trends I’ve Learned While Working Remotely

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I’ve spent the last couple of months as Ops Director for an accelerating startup, traveling and working remotely … yes, that’s correct, remote Ops!

It’s definitely not easy but once you master these 3 trends, not only is it possible, it also increases productivity:

  1. Team Communication & Collaboration
  2. Impactful Projects & Relevant Analytics
  3. Outsourcing & Automation

Team Communication and Collaboration:

Improving internal communication takes form in many ways. The first and easiest is to start with peer to peer communications (ie. Slack or any other type of tool that best works for your team). It’s important for team members to understand their own and each others communication styles to know how to effectively and best communicate with each other.

With internal communication at its prime, operations can smoothly initiate and execute meaningful projects that not only impact the company’s success; it also brings the team together and lends to a successful team collaboration. Team collaboration on company projects improves the following:

  • Team morale
  • Creativity & meaningful project ideas
  • Project results
  • Productivity
  • Team relationships

Impactful Projects & Relevant Analytics:

The definition of Operations within a company is ‘the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization’.

To be successful goes beyond this. Initiating, implementing and executing company-relevant projects successfully leads to the following:

  • Team collaboration
  • Team drive and curiosity
  • Company growth (moving the needle in all areas for overall success)
  • Data driven team and mindsets

These projects also train all team members to be data driven and to start using data and analytics for ideas, decision making and initiatives.

Outsourcing & Automation:

It’s important for companies to be open to outside assistance. Not only does outsourcing save money, it also helps move the needle in many ways – a new way of thinking, a fresh new outside perspective and insights on company tasks and projects.

Outsourcing is not a lazy approach, it’s quite the contrary. Finding individuals who are specialized in tasks/projects will bring in someone with expert knowledge that no one in your team may possess.It also helps you to have processes and structures in place for projects to run smoothly without you 100% involved and still be successful.

It may also lead to automating certain tasks, which in turn frees up time for team members to now focus on something more impactful and increase productivity on something meaningful.

Remember, increasing productivity is a vague statement – you do not want to increase a members’ productivity on a repetitive and ‘useless’ task that could be automated; but rather on important and significant projects.


  • Jeanita Artz – Globetrotter, team comedian and obsessed with everything Ops. CrossFit crazy and an amazing cook!



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