How crowdsourcing can help you find and engage with talent?

If your job involves recruiting the top talent for a company, you understand just how difficult the process can be. Finding viable candidates that are worth the cost of training is typically time-consuming, and unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the best applicants will find their way to the company. This is why Visage has launched its automated crowdsourcing solution for recruiters. Once you understand what the platform can do for your recruiting, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Problem with Traditional Recruiting

Almost every area of our lives is becoming automated in some way, so it makes sense that recruiting would move in this direction as well. Of course, just because automation is the way of the future doesn’t mean everything has to fall in line. There has to be a benefit for going this route, and the multiple problems experienced with traditional recruiting tactics easily showcase why a change is necessary.

The most obvious indication that a change in recruitment processes is coming is the increased average hiring time over the years. Between 2010 and 2015, for instance, the average hiring time in America increased by ten days. Numbers throughout the world were similar during this period. To be fair, much of this was due to increased scrutiny before making a hiring decision, but this just showcases the need for an improved way to carefully screen candidates.

It’s also worth noting just how much time recruiters and companies spend trying to bring on new talent throughout the year. When using LinkedIn to find employees, for instance, the average recruiter will spend 35 percent of their time attempting to find the right person for the job. This equates to 700 hours every year that aren’t being used to reach the company’s overall goal.

What Visage Offers Over Traditional Recruitment

At its core, the Visage platform is focused on crowdsourcing the best recruitment experts around the world to find your company highly qualified candidates. You won’t find it difficult to utilize the tool since, from your side of the platform, Visage is much like job recruitment websites you’ve likely used before. The big difference is that, instead of having the position advertised to anyone who happens to be online, the job is sent out to your industry’s recruiters from a pool of more than 3,000.

On average, the recruiters return hundreds of potential candidates within a few hours. Of course, each of these individuals will not meet your specific needs, and if you still have to sift through hundreds of applications, are you really saving any time? That’s why Visage utilizes a two-step method when potential candidates are identified.

Step 1: Triple Filtered Candidates

The vetting process utilized by Visage is one of the main reasons other recruitment tools fall short. This process starts with the sourcing work done by our community of recruiting sourcers. Their job is identify candidates that are matching exactly with your job description. The second step is our proprietary matching algorithm that compares the job description and the candidate resume, and give a matching score. The last step is a final review from a subject domain expert. We believe it’s essential to combine artificial and human intelligence to deal with the ambiguity of a job description and candidate resume.

After all, job descriptions and resumes are both created by humans, so choosing the right potential employees shouldn’t be done without its own human element. Experts in your industry will review select resumes as well to ensure only the top candidates are reaching your desk.

Additionally, having a human element helps to continuously improve our algorithm so the automated recruiting process will become better at what it does over time.

Step 2: Reaching Out to Candidates

The second step in the Visage process also works towards minimizing wasted man hours. Once the top candidates for your position have been identified, a recruitment email is sent out. You have the ability to make these emails as personal or generic as you want. Additionally, these messages are sent from your company’s email address. This ensures that your brand is never diluted.

Although the emails that are sent are completely up to you, keep in mind that personalized messages get better results. You’ll also want to avoid talking too much about the company and instead focus on what’s in it for the candidate. With the right message, this automated crowdsourcing process can accomplish great response rates.

The Benefits of Crowdsourced Recruitment

Crowdsourced recruitment offers a variety of benefits over traditional methods, and that’s exactly why Visage utilizes the process. One of the main benefits is related to cost. The average salary for a recruiter comes in at over $45,000 a year, and many of the best professionals out there can land nearly $75,000 annually. By utilizing crowdsourced recruitment, you can avoid hiring additional recruiters.

Companies also benefit from crowdsourcing since the top recruitment professionals, who they otherwise may have never encountered, will have immediate access to job postings. This equates to a faster turnover time than experienced through traditional recruitment tools like LinkedIn and other job boards. It’s also worth noting that the more than 3,000 recruiters on Visage receive immediate payment, so finding the right candidate for your job is their main focus.

Recruitment has come a long way over the past few years, but its evolution is by no means complete. Automated crowdsourcing is the future of recruitment, and companies that utilize it will see immediate cost savings and improved candidate selection. Visage is on the forefront of this technological leap forward, and as professionals around the world recognize its effectiveness, crowdsourced recruiting will simply become the way things are done.