The Top 3 Ops Trends I’ve Learned While Working Remotely

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I’ve spent the last couple of months as Ops Director for an accelerating startup, traveling and working remotely … yes, that’s correct, remote Ops!

It’s definitely not easy but once you master these 3 trends, not only is it possible, it also increases productivity:

  1. Team Communication & Collaboration
  2. Impactful Projects & Relevant Analytics
  3. Outsourcing & Automation

Team Communication and Collaboration:

Improving internal communication takes form in many ways. The first and easiest is to start with peer to peer communications (ie. Slack or any other type of tool that best works for your team). It’s important for team members to understand their own and each others communication styles to know how to effectively and best communicate with each other.

With internal communication at its prime, operations can smoothly initiate and execute meaningful projects that not only impact the company’s success; it also brings the team together and lends to a successful team collaboration. Team collaboration on company projects improves the following:

  • Team morale
  • Creativity & meaningful project ideas
  • Project results
  • Productivity
  • Team relationships

Impactful Projects & Relevant Analytics:

The definition of Operations within a company is ‘the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization’.

To be successful goes beyond this. Initiating, implementing and executing company-relevant projects successfully leads to the following:

  • Team collaboration
  • Team drive and curiosity
  • Company growth (moving the needle in all areas for overall success)
  • Data driven team and mindsets

These projects also train all team members to be data driven and to start using data and analytics for ideas, decision making and initiatives.

Outsourcing & Automation:

It’s important for companies to be open to outside assistance. Not only does outsourcing save money, it also helps move the needle in many ways – a new way of thinking, a fresh new outside perspective and insights on company tasks and projects.

Outsourcing is not a lazy approach, it’s quite the contrary. Finding individuals who are specialized in tasks/projects will bring in someone with expert knowledge that no one in your team may possess.It also helps you to have processes and structures in place for projects to run smoothly without you 100% involved and still be successful.

It may also lead to automating certain tasks, which in turn frees up time for team members to now focus on something more impactful and increase productivity on something meaningful.

Remember, increasing productivity is a vague statement – you do not want to increase a members’ productivity on a repetitive and ‘useless’ task that could be automated; but rather on important and significant projects.


  • Jeanita Artz – Globetrotter, team comedian and obsessed with everything Ops. CrossFit crazy and an amazing cook!



5 ways we help you hire the best talent! #4 is my personal favorite!



  1. Crowdsourcing

Having built a tight community of global freelance recruiters over the past year or so leads to a ‘no brainer’ for us – leveraging the power of crowdsourcing talent from diverse recruiters all over the world. Why does it work? What’s the magic?

Well besides the obvious ‘two heads are better than one’, diverse inputs drive superior solutions! We use smart dispatching of our jobs to ensure that we have recruiters from every part of the globe sourcing for your new talent.

  1. Domain Experts

With a combination of recruiters & domain experts, we’re a solid choice to help you hire the best! Domain experts help filter through the crowdsourced profiles to select only the top-tier prospective candidates.

It’s one thing to get the requirements right but it’s even better when you have an expert with several years of experience within that domain filtering your possible candidates.

  1. Technology with a ‘human touch’

Visage- an online hiring platform to put simply. But we have mastered the art of the perfect combination of AI and ‘the human touch’

Your entire recruitment experience is fast, online and high quality. You can trust us to be there every step of the process.

  1. Diversity

A diverse workplace supports greater creativity, productivity, and innovation. This is why diversity is important for businesses.

Our growing community of international recruiters allows for a greater and more diverse reach of potential candidates to create a strong pipeline with underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity and veteran statuses.

The role of successful employers is to be inclusive. The role of Visage is to provide the diverse pipeline!

  1. A kick ass team!

Not only do we promote diversity in your workplace but also in our workplace. As a diverse team, we are driven and steered in the right direction for success. Building your team for success is the first step to ensuring your clients are successful. We promote our team members to grow and experiment and discover their passion. This leads to a team dedicated to finding you your next team member.

Jeanita Artz – Crossfit Ninja and Product Queen

How I recruited a Rockstar Lead Developer in 3 weeks with Visage

It’s no secret, finding a good developer is a heck of a complicated and tedious task. When we raised our last round, I found myself in the situation of using our own platform to find a kickass lead developer with a very short timing. Although I built the platform from scratch, I only relied on metrics and users feedback to know if it was any good… Not only I found a great engineer but I nailed the hiring in 3 weeks.

Here is my use case on how our developer search went and what made it successful.

Numbers, numbers everywhere

First of all, I registered as an employer on our own platform. I posted a job in minutes like on any job board (but it is not). I did two important things though:

  • In the job description talked only about our values, the challenges we want to overcome and the perks of working with us IN THAT ORDER
  • I answered to very specific questions of what would be the ideal candidate. I needed a kickass lead developer used to work with the classic MEAN stack, a quick learner, a great team player etc. I am synthesising but it was way more specific than that, I know I could afford it because Visage was gonna look at hundreds of candidates for me.
  • I was provided with 10 developer profiles as a sample. Some were OK some were not, took me 10 minutes to approve the 4 I liked out of the sample to clarify my search.

Here is what I saw 48 hours after :


  • 9 recruiters submitted candidates on my job opening
  • 248 profiles were submitted by our freelance recruiters
  • 63 profiles were approved by an actual developer for my job opening

All these 63 perfect fit were provided with a “call for interview” email that I previously prepared specifically for them. In the meantime, I was able to review their profile on the app. Here is how the email campaign went:


After gathering their commitment, the app automatically provided me with the best 15 interested and suitable candidates, I interviewed 10 of them. The most difficult part was to know which one I was gonna make an offer to because I had 4 really good candidates. I hired 1 and kept in touch with 2 others that I will surely contact when we raise money again.


No one can say if I could have made a better hire. But what I know from experience is that it’s the first time that I had the feeling to “be lucky” 4 times in a row. Interviewing 4 people that share the same values as us, that are exactly doing what we need and have the right experience.

And seeing the process I can tell it has nothing to do with luck, it’s all about numbers and people skills.

  1. There were 9 recruiters250 profiles involved in the search on every possible medium over dozens of countries.
  2. All these profiles were reviewed by a developer that understood my requirements for this job and it allowed him to pick the most suitable candidates.
  3. I only talked to people that understood my challenges and requirements for this job. I was able to show them the true nature of the company and by being handpicked, they saw the interest I had in their profile.
  4. All of that in 3 weeks,  my cost per hire was ridiculously low, and I have 2 other good interested developers ready to join me next.

Of course, I could say that if it worked really well for me it doesn’t prove that it works all the time. But I really believe that this is nothing magic, just a smart process that can work for every case. It’s just about dispatching the right job to the right recruiters and expert. And this is something that our machine learning algorithm is already training for 😉 .