Why All Passive Candidates are Active Candidates.


An HR leader shares why the real difference between job seekers lies within their level of interest. Most corporate positions are filled by actively interested candidates: you post a job, hope for a qualified, actively interested candidate to apply, and then try not to let the hiring process get in the way. Hiring managers have […]

Visage Receives The Startup Weekly’s 2021 Diverse & Inclusive Employer Award

Visage was recently recognized by The Startup Weekly as a Diverse & Inclusive Employer in 2021. The Startup Weekly presented the Diverse & Inclusive Employer award to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to creating and maintaining equitable workplaces. Since the company’s  inception in 2015, Visage has purposefully mapped the company vision and ethos to […]

Introducing the all new Visage Platform

 The Visage Platform: All of your passive candidate sourcing in one place Passive candidate sourcing is often done across multiple tools and platforms and this disparate manner of finding candidates leads to an unorganized workflow. Tracking candidates and jobs across various Excel spreadsheets and sending resumes for review via emails with PDFs probably sounds all […]